Coffee Roastery and Café in “Feuerwache”


What a great idea to turn an old fire station into a coffee roastery with café! And even though the renovation wasn’t completed and the initial start-up hasn’t taken place when launching the new website the visitor should smell the aroma of coffee. The website should create a pretaste of best coffee and making curious about the indulgence of coffee on the one hand and the coffee-roasting experience on the other hand.

In order to involve the user into the process of renovation and initial start-up the Feuerwache team launched a vlog which should be included on the website as well.

The Feuerwache team wanted to enthuse the townsmen of Schöningen with the history of the building: From its inauguration until now important milestones with corresponding images should bring the story of the brick building to live.

Logo, corporate colors and an individual set of icons have been brought into the design process by the CEO’s Marc and Sydney Schikorski and have been an indicatory basis for developing the design.


The front page has a dark overlayed background on the top area in order to create a connotation with the admired black beverage. Like layers of a Latte Macchiato segments with dark and light background alternate on the front page. The content is semplice in its design, having enough space to speak for itself – just as the big fire station building is dimensioned generously.

The vlog is displayed with the help of the blog component of WordPress: Posts are installed as videos on the page Logbuch in order to generate a thumbnail showing the embedded Youtube video.

A vertical timeline including an anchor menu on the page Gebäude invites the user to experience the history of the building with a lot of images. At the end of the page the user can share his own images and experiences related to the fire station by using the contact form with included upload option and thus contributing to the completion of this overview.

My personal conclusion as a coffee lover: This is a very nice project and it has been a joy to launch it!