Kitas Martin Luther – Day Care Center


Two day care centers under one roof – the same concept, a joint administration and yet two different facilities with different offers: A concept for the logo(s) and website had to be developed!

The logos should be created as lively, dynamic visuals, based on the previous logo. The church as funding body  should be expressed. And a logo variant should be developed that visualizes both daycare centers as one organization.

Both day care centers should stand on the website for themselves – with their individual offer. In order to simplify the administrative processes, the daycare management wanted to integrate an online enrollment.


The logo development was based on the “stick figures” of the previous logo. Two houses serve visualizing the two facilities under one roof  – one for the Wartburg day care center with castle battlements and one for the Martin Luther day care center with a church roof to illustrate the Protestant profile.

The logo variant in blue-turquoise is used when both daycare centers appear together – this also applies to the header area of ​​the website. The logo of the daycare center Wartburg contains a red castle whereas that of the daycare center Martin Luther contains a red church house. Two of three revised happy “stick figures” from the old logo “live” in it.

The website was designed as a joint website for both facilities – due to the largely identical concept and the matching profiles. However, each day care center receives its own subpage on which the individual offer, its employees and groups are presented.

The online enrollment has been implemented as a form: The form sent will be emailed to the daycare center office. The data can be pasted directly into an Excel table out of  the email.