Nutrition Consultancy Sarah Rittierott


The self-employed dietitian Sarah Rittierott found time has come to go online with her self-employment. Her website should not be extensive but rather slim – while still providing all potential target groups with an insight into the range of services including nutritional counseling, workshops.


Studio gl implements the project as a clear, yet substantial one page: The services listed provide a general overview of the range of counseling of a dietitian, whereas the structure of the offer for individuals on the one hand and companies on the other hand directly addresses the different target groups.

Sarah Rittierott already used the heart-apple logo and the fresh green color from as part of her corporate design. The color concept has been expanded to include a strong violet (and a warm orange) – underlining the variety of healthy food. The web business card is designed to whet the appetite by creating an association with crispy lettuce, fresh fruit and tasty berries.