Philipp Melanchthon Gymnasium Meine


A new website for the secondary school Philipp Melanchthon Gymnasium in Meine! And on this occasion a fresh logo needed to be created: The “church’s purple” and yellow of the Protestant Lutheran church in Hanover were obligatory for the school under church sponsorship. And it should be fresh!

The complex requirements of the new website were clearly prepared information for all target groups (teachers, students, parents), the implementation of a school calendar and the integration of many photos from everyday school life, especially in the news area.


About the logo: The stylized cross developed by Studio gl primarily stands for Protestant responsible body. Its four arrows represent the four pillars of the Protestant profile.

Likewise, the cross can be seen as a plus: the value added by the Protestant profile and the “plus” of teaching lessons compared to the state’s secondary schools are expressed in this symbol.

On the website: The white background highlights the colored logo and the various images. The strong purple is used as the highlight color, e.g. as the background color in the drop-down menu and underlines the relationship to the church.

The targeted use of icons as a tool of illustration structures the content, especially on sub-pages with a lot of information.