Steuerungstechnik Linsenmeier


A website relaunch for the Steuerungstechnik Linsenmeier (a control engineering company): The outdated layout of the old website should be completely redesigned – while keeping the previous logo – and the content should be restructured. The main focus should be on the company’s experience and professional design and construction of control cabinets. Despite the lack of individual (profile) images, it was important to express the personal, owner-managed care for the project and customer.


Studio gl realizes the website relaunch as a compact one page, which is the ideal stage for the clear contents of the website of the Linsenmeier company. Many years of experience and professionalism are expressed in the text in the header graphic as well as the concise presentation of the core services. The personal component is emphasized by the transparent presentation of the employees – even without profile pictures.

The composition of colors was based on the coloring of the word-image brand. The font selection with Ubuntu Condensed for the headings was chosen as a counterpart to the font family Dax, which is used in the logo. The strong light-dark contrasts create a certain tension that accompanies the visitor from the header to the footer.